● Introduction

Mireille Oster processes personal data relating to the use of this website or to interaction with any other online presence of which Mireille Oster is the administrator.

Mireille Oster takes the protection of your personal data and of related rights and freedoms very seriously.

Therefore, the main objective of these confidentiality provisions is to duly inform data subjects about the processing carried out by Mireille Oster and about their rights in accordance with legislation in force and with our commitment for better data protection.


● Controller:

Mireille Oster
Sole trader under French law registered with the French Trade and Companies Registry in Strasbourg since 21 October 1997 under the number A 323 546 275.
Established in: 14, rue des Dentelles – F-67000 Strasbourg

For any request concerning your personal data, please send an e-mail to contact@mireille-oster.com or phone at +33 (0)3 88 32 33 34. In accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and with the Information Technology and Freedom Law no 78-17, Mireille Oster is obliged to give you a response with regard to your rights without undue delay.

In the case of litigation relating to personal data and without prejudice to the preceding subparagraph, it is possible to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. More information can be found on the website of the CNIL


● Legal framework:

Mireille Oster is committed to meeting at all times legal and regulatory obligations and warranties in her capacity as controller with regard to the protection of personal data and in particular to the safeguards provided for in Regulation EU 2016/679 and in the Information Technology and Freedom Law of 6 January 1978 no 78-17 (amended 20 June 2018 by Law no 2018/493).


● Use of personal data:

In accordance with the above-mentioned laws and regulations, Mireille Oster will respect the obligation for information and transparency towards individuals concerned by her processing of personal data. Accordingly, Mireille Oster hereby notifies visitors to her website that some of their personal data can be processed and that she will inter alia:

  • process only data which is essential to the operation of this website (more information appears in the cookie section below) and to comply with her legal and contractual obligations,
  • process only data for which the data subject has given his or her free and informed consent, without prejudice to any legal obligation,
  • process the above-mentioned data only for the purposes described in the section ‘purpose and reason for data processing’ in the privacy statement.
  • process such data for (a) period(s) equivalent to such as legally provided for, or else for a proportionate part and in accordance with the use for which such processing is intended.
  • not transfer your data to unauthorised third parties without obtaining your prior unequivocal consent.


● Purpose and reason for data processing:

Mireille Oster will process the collected personal data in a fair and clear manner for purposes which are well specified, explicit and legitimate:

  • in order to allow the proper functioning of this site,
  • in order to respond to requests by data subjects, commercial or otherwise,
  • in order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations in particular with regard to connection and navigation data,
  • in order to improve our services,
  • in order to notify you, in a transparent manner, of any changes to these or any other terms and conditions of Mireille Oster.
  • in order to notify individuals subject to the data processing operation(s) of any personal data breach under Articles 12 and 34 of Regulation EU 2016/679.

Data subjects can at all times make a request under the terms referred to in the following section ‘Rights of data subjects’ in order to obtain more information about our privacy statement and about the processing of their personal data.


● Cookie policy:

A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer, mobile device or browser memory by the website you are visiting. The data collected by this website allows, among other things, the smooth operation and improvement of its functionalities or the generation of statistics.

Upon arrival on the website, the visitor is informed of the use of cookies by Mireille Oster. He or she will have the opportunity to accept or decline all cookies or to personalise the use of cookies to his or her individual wishes in accordance with Regulation EU 2016/679. Disabling or deleting cookies may affect the use and functionality of this website. Some pages may become inaccessible and you will no longer receive certain personalised information that may be useful to you for optimal navigation on the website.

You can change the cookie settings directly from your browser menu (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).

● Rights of data subjects:

Mireille Oster notifies the visitors to this website that they have rights regarding their data, provided for in Chapter III of Regulation EU 2016/679, and that they can at any time and under the above-mentioned terms and conditions make a request to Mireille Oster in order to exercise their rights.

Accordingly, individuals subject to a processing operation of personal data carried out by Mireille Oster have the following rights:

  • Right of access to data and information related to processing operation(s) of personal data within the limits of Article 15 of Regulation EU 2016/679.
  • Within the limits of Chapter III and Article 6 and 9 of Regulation EU 2016/679, data subjects are hereby informed that they can at any time contact Mireille Oster and withdraw their consent to the data processing.
  • Right of rectification and erasure (the right to be forgotten) of data within the limits of Articles 16 and 17 of Regulation EU 2016/679.
  • Right to restrict processing within the limits of Article 18 of Regulation EU 2016/679.
  • Right to data portability within the limits of Article 20 of Regulation EU 2016/679.

To ensure the full effectiveness of the rights of individuals concerned by processing operations of personal data, Mireille Oster undertakes to follow the recommendations of internal supervisory bodies and to fully comply at all times with legal and regulatory provisions.

She therefore implements, in proportion to the risks to data and individuals’ rights, technical and organisational measures in order to ensure the integrity of data and the lawfulness of the processing of this data.